Coming out of the Closet

When I was a little girl I thought of this cliché in the literal sense.  I  thought someone was actually hiding in the bedroom closet and needed to come out. Yet, as I got older I began to understand that this was a term used describing people living a double life, claiming to be one thing outwardly but living something different inwardly.  More commonly it referred to people who hid their sexual desires for the same sex, known as homosexual men or lesbian women.  This term has also been used for people who claimed to be a Christian on Sunday but lived like they did not know God the rest of the week.  They were called ‘closet’ Christians.

Well, my resolution for this new year 2012 is to come out of every closet I have ever been in.  I’m coming clean in every way.  I will no longer hide behind the doors of fear, doubt, insecurity and defeat.  I’m coming out of the closet of darkness and standing boldly in the light of God’s purpose for my life . I have been delivered in order to help others. I choose to expose the woman I was created to be.  Today is a new day and I am coming out!


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