I kissed the sunset

sunset in kansasMy twelve year old daughter Erica, and I, stopped by the Sun Fresh grocery store in Kansas City on our way home one evening to get some last minute items to complete dinner.  As we hurried out of our car to beat the 5:00 pm crowd, something grabbed my attention.  From my peripheral I caught a glimpse of the sun setting in the west and I couldn’t help but stop and embrace its splendor.  I snatched my phone out of my purse, aimed the camera and took this picture in the parking lot.  For the next five minutes I stood in awe and amazement of this breath-taking display of God’s omnipotent nature. 

Too often we are just too busy to stop and appreciate the simple things in life. A sunset, a sunrise, stars dancing in the sky at night, the illumination of the moon, birds splashing in a water’s puddle, a flower’s bloom, the air we breathe, you know, things so easily taken for granted.

So the next time you witness the beautiful red and orange hues of the sun setting below the horizon, take a minute to acknowledge by pausing whatever you’re doing and blow a kiss (like I did) to the twilight, to the sunset.  Good night.


4 thoughts on “I kissed the sunset

    1. Hey lady, you commented on my post about kissing the sunset. Do you like sunsets and sunrises and breathtaking moments in nature like I do? Do you have any spontaneous pictures of the beautiful outdoors to share? Are you still blogging? I sure hope so.

  1. What a beautiful thought. I love the fact that in the midst of your busyness, you took a moment to “pause” and that gave God “cause”…..to smile!

    1. Hey I like that too, in my pause, I caused God to smile. I love the way he responds to us. He’s such a very good God! Thank you for your comment. I love you sis.

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