Midnight Melodies

I woke up this morning sometime after midnight with the sounds and sights of a dream most divine. The angels were singing to me, in my dreams, again.

Every now and then I wake up to songs I have never heard before, being sung as sweet lullabies, comforting my soul.

I climbed out of bed, knowing this was one of those ‘don’t let it slip by’ moments, grabbed my keybord and replayed the heavenly stanza titled, “In the Morning.”

I promised God that if he would speak to me in words, whispers and melodies, I would write it down, master it, and then share it with the world.


One thought on “Midnight Melodies

  1. I love that! Too many times God wants to speak to us in a sweet still small voice but our lives are to noisy to listen….I’m glad you did

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