Be your own Valentine!

Be your own Valentine!

I was on a social network site reading posts when I read one that said, ‘I’m going to buy myself something this year for Valentines Day.’

I thought about it and concluded, ‘It’s okay to be your own Valentine this year.’

To all the single ladies and single men, the mother’s and father’s, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with buying yourself some roses, a box of assorted chocolates, a nice piece of jewelry or take yourself out to dinner.

I remember when I finally learned to love myself, after several broken relationships. My heart was mush, my emotions were shattered and my self-esteem was buried under years of abuse and misuse.

Then one day I decided that enough was enough and I began my wonderful journey of healing and forgiving. I’ll never forget the first time I went to an Applebee’s restaurant by myself and ordered a meal, a drink and some desert. I sat there and enjoyed my time alone, eating and reading my favorite nove.

It was liberating! A few days later I bought fresh flowers for my home, got me a new outfit and taught myself how to love and care for myself. I realized that I didn’t need another human being to complete me or make me happy. I was finally satisfied with just being myself.

So to all the singles this year, Happy Valentines Day and guess what? It’s okay to be your own Valentine!


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