Most of my life I lived under the rule of a power greater than myself. And I’m not talking about God.

It was an invisible force whose strength captivated and imprisoned me. For years. Twenty some odd years.

Then one day an interruption happened that transformed my world. I encountered the living God.

Its one thing to hear about, talk about, read about and sing about God, but it’s something totally life changing to be enveloped BY God.

His presence, that is. The essence of His truth which disengages and extricates all lies of ancient told.

I encountered God. He set me free. Liberated and emancipated me from the chains that bound. Me.

The links interlocked my flesh with my spirit causing an unnatural bond and desire for the forbidden.

I craved the flesh of one like unto myself, and if loving me were possible, I would have done that too.

Deliver me, Oh God, was my endless plea. Deliver me, Oh God, the mêlée is much too fierce. Deliver me, Oh God, I am not a freak. Of nature, or design.

Then the arrow of the Lord’s deliverance shot through many a millennium before and after, causing the very foundation of his footstool to quake with such power that every shackle released it’s grip, delivering me from unnatural love and delivering you. Too.

It was His blood that cracked the earth’s core and delivered me. Forevermore.


2 thoughts on “Delivered

    1. Thank you Karen for visiting my site. I enjoy reading and writing about the magnificient things people experience in this life as well. I tell people that my struggle to get free from my past addictions was great, but I ran into a God, a power, a force that was Greater. And he’s the one that delivered me!

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