“Just Because”

“Just Because” moments are those precious, unexpected moments where you do something nice for someone, for no apparent reason. Or in my case last night, someone did something for me that I did not foresee.

My husband. Charles.

He pulled into the garage after work (as usual), he turned off the lights and locked the doors (as usual), he said hello to the kids and asked about their day at school (as usual), he sniffed the chicken alfredo aroma in the air and said, “Mm, that smells good,” (as usual), then he pulled from behind his back this:Flowers from Charles

And said, “I know it’s not your birthday, Valentine Day has passed, it’s not Mother’s Day, or Christmas or any traditional holiday, but I got these for you, “Just Because”, I love you.

“Just Because” you are my wifey, “Just Because” you are my best friend, “Just Because” you are the best lover I ever had!!!, and “Just Because”. . . .

So my challenge for you today is, find someone special to do something spectacularly wonderful for today, “Just Because”!


2 thoughts on ““Just Because”

  1. Actions like that speaks volumes about the love shared between a husband and wife. Sometimes there are no words or even better…no need for words!

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