Carnival Fun with the Family

Ok WordPress bloggers and friends, I took a much needed break away from the computer this afternoon and enjoyed a beautiful time with my family at the carnival in our West Texas town. Here are a few photos:carnival 2Erica and Jordan on the Avalanche.

carnival 3 Me, my hubby and my daughter about to ride the Avalanche.

carnival 4 Up in the air screaming, bloody murder!

carnival 5 Food and games at the carnival.

carnival 6 Charles bringing me a soda. The snow cone is his.

carnival 7 Rides we didn’t ride due to severe headaches and stomach aches from the Avalanche!

carnival 8 The kids waiting in line to ride.

carnival Erica and Jordan on this ride, for the second time.

I had so much fun today, my husband and I screamed and hollered more than our kids did on our ride. And we paid the painful price of terrible head and stomach aches afterward. We’re getting too old for roller coasters.



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