Forgiveness Workshop A Success!

Forgiveness Flyer Lacey Beatty Over the weekend, one of the ladies from my writing group facilitated a workshop on Forgiveness. I had never been to anything like this before.

First, I was able to help plan and prepare for this event which was an extra-ordinary experience within itself, but then the big day came for the actual workshop, and I must admit, it caught me by surprise.

I thought I had worked through my process of healing and forgiveness years ago from my childhood abuse. I had received counseling and spiritual guidance which enabled me to heal, forgive and heal some more.

But I learned something significant during this time of reflecting and refreshing; healing is a lifetime process. We are constantly growing and maturing and learning new things each day.

Of all the powerful tools I received during the workshop, the one I loved the most was a generational inventory which allowed participants to see at a glance the different abusive patterns that are repeated in our families, generation after generation, until someone gets the knowledge, the healing and the courage to break those patterns.

Nevertheless, I did not enter that workshop a scared and frightened little girl, deeply scarred by wounds of abuse but I entered and exited those doors a healed woman – in the making. I’m looking forward to the next one!

Excellent job, Lacey Beatty!



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