The Illegal Arrest and Trial of Jesus (Criminal Trials)

Here are some Laws governing Criminal Trials in Biblical times. Below are some of the illegalities of the Jewish trials:

If a man was arrested for a capital crime, he could never be arrested at night. It had to be in broad daylight. Jesus’ arrest took place between 1 and 2 o’clock at night.

If a man was arrested for a capital crime, no one cooperating in the arrest could be in any way connected to the one who is accused. No arrest for a capital crime could be made based upon information given by a follower or colleague of the accused. Because they felt if the accused was guilty so were his followers. But the entire plot revolved around Judas, one of the followers. This law was blatantly and openly ignored.

No Jewish trial could ever be held at night. The law stated that it must be held in the daytime. Listen to the code, which is taken from the Talmud: “The members of the court may not alertly and intelligently hear the testimony against the accused during the hours of darkness.” But, if you check the record, both before Annas and before Caiaphas, these trials were held in darkness.

The members of the Jewish court, after hearing the testimony of true witnesses (none of which were ever brought before Jesus) in a capital crime, could not immediately act and judge. They were to go home and remain alone and separate from one another for two days (at the least, one full day), thinking about the testimonies they had heard. During that time, here’s what they were to do. Here’s the language of the code: “Eat like food, drink like wines, sleep well. And once again return and hear the testimony of the accused. Then, and only then, shall you render a vote.” They didn’t do that. They Jewish court never left the presence of Caiaphas!

In fact, even the method of voting was specified! They never took an “all in favor say I, all opposed say no” kind of vote. Their vote was supposed to be taken from the youngest to the oldest so that the youngest wouldn’t be intimidated or influenced by the older votes. This never happened.

No trial could be held before only one judge, and never without a defense attorney. All of that was overlooked, openly, willfully ignored and disobeyed. Even though they were people of the book, they didn’t follow their own rules. In the history of jurisprudence, I don’t know of a more fallacious series of trials. (Charles Swindoll)

To Be Continued. . .


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