Jazz and Nature, It’s Only Natural!

I was awakened this morning by the chirping melody of a group of ruby throated hummingbirds. They sing to me every morning. After I dressed and prepared to take my children to school, we were greeted by a brisk, cool breeze that kissed the wind chimes above my porch. The chimes started dancing and singing a romantic ballad. I stood mesmerized for a moment before going about my day.

Oh how beautiful it is to hear nature sing!

Then I thought about:
A male toad fish sings a song called a hum to attract females to his nest.

Mice are actually seductive singers. Males do it to lure females.

The great humpback whale has a mating song. They also sing to get the female’s attention.

Belugas, known as the ‘canneries of the sea’, received this label because of the birdlike songs they make.

A Red-eyed Vireo sings more than 20,000 songs a day. A Pileated Woodpecker drums on a tree at 15 beats per second. A Wilson’s Snipe dives through the air, the feathers on its wings vibrating to produce a winnowing sound, hu-hu-hu…

And we simply cannot forget about the enchanting song of the ocean’s wave, billowing and blowing misty sprays all over the tropical islands.

Oh how beautiful it is to hear nature sing!

In keeping with our theme, I have a few recommendations for listening to this next song by Mr. Tisdale. It is called, One on One.

Drive down the highway with your windows and sunroof open (if you have one) and turn the volume up. Drive safely and enjoy.

Play this song on your electronic device with headphones and dance freely outside.

Find a comfortable spot in your home, grab some wine and listen to this groove with someone you love. You can do this alone as well, just make sure you close your eyes and embrace every moment of it.

Find a way to connect with nature today, one on one, and appreciate the song that she will sing, just for you.



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