Happy (Wind Chimes) Friday!

I absolutely adore the lovely, melodic carol of wind chimes blowing in the wind. Sometimes I wonder why I enjoy the peaceful sounds of nature, chimes, and soft music (especially jazz LOL)?

I think it’s because there was a time in my life when LIFE was so chaotic and noisy for me. I had disturbance all around, a lot of drama; I engaged in dysfunctional relationships that all but drove me crazy.

Now, however, my LIFE has taken a peaceful and much needed turn for the better, so every moment I can sit and relax with my eyes closed and inhale the serenity of tranquility, I DO!

I thank God for the music of the chime and I love it so much that I actually recorded my very first video and posted it on YouTube! Woo Hoo!

Here are my chimes, singing sweet melodies of love to my heart. Enjoy!



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