Are you building a business from scratch?

IMG_1203If your answer is yes, I tip my hat to you, I applaud you and offer you my greatest sympathy. I’m kidding, but I do understand the extreme sacrifice that goes into creating something brand new. Some people are just born with vision and the entrepreneurial spirit. They may work for others most of their lives, but are never truly satisfied because something deep inside of them screams for self-sufficiency, self-employment, and the desire to design a product or a service.

I am one of those people. I’ve been running my own business since I was about twelve or thirteen years old. My first business was sewing and designing monogram pillows and the kids at my middle school were my customers. My second project was selling home-made cookies, brownies and cupcakes and once again my classmates supported me. This was during a time when vending machines were not available to students in public schools.

Another business venture idea was an alteration service I provided. I also designed an African print wrap skirt with a matching tunic that sold like hotcakes. I could not keep up with my orders; I eventually hired a good friend to cut the fabric for me while I did all the sewing. It was fun but I had to turn away customers (and money) as I was not able to fill all the back orders.

Then several years later, I started a daycare in my home. The process was tedious with all the paperwork, licensing, coding, meeting state standards and regulations including compliance with my local fire department, applying for an EIN through the government and so on. But I loved it! It gave me the opportunity to raise my babies at home while making a decent living as a self-employed mom. I loved the children, I enjoyed teaching and the money was pretty good too.

Now here I am today, still self-employed but feeling the pressure of building this writing business. It’s hard work yall. It keeps me up late at night and I rise early to get on my computer to research, study, write and learn. It makes me pray hard too. Then there’s my family who demands time and attention. I may be self-employed but I’m still a wife and a mother who has duties around the home that cannot go neglected.

Building a business from scratch is hard work, but very rewarding if you don’t give up or cave in. You have to pace yourself and develop a schedule. I run my home just like I run my business. It works for me. I have a schedule and a to do list that I follow daily which helps me stay on track. I have learned not to put too much on my list. It is unfair to expect more of myself than I’m able to accomplish.

Self-employment requires a financial sacrifice as well. Unless you have a full-time ‘paying’ job or a spouse that works full-time, or a savings account for cushion, you must understand that you may not be rolling in the millions $$$$ initially, but good old-fashioned hard work, commitment, sacrifice, patience and trusting God will pay off!

Are you building a business from scratch, if so, what kind of business is it? Maybe we can share some ideas, tips and resources to help each other fulfill our dreams of success.



One thought on “Are you building a business from scratch?

  1. WOW Toni, this post is so on time. Yes, I’m trying to get a cleaning service (cleaning vacant properties) off the ground. I’ve invested some $$$ and purchased some equipment, along with paying business insurance, but no business as of date. I said I would give it at least a year. Right or wrong on the year??? Also, I’m trying to get a women’s ministry off the ground all while still working a full-time job and raising a grandchild. My husband is learning to be patient with me. My kitchen table resembles a makeshift office.
    I solicit all prayers…

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