Is it your career, or your calling?


What are you doing for a living right now?

What type of job do you have?

Do you look forward to going to work everyday, or is it difficult to get motivated?

Do you feel fulfilled at the end of each day?

Is the money good, or are you barely making ends meet?

Do you see yourself in the same line of business the next 10-20 years or until retirement age?

Whatever you’re doing today, is it just a career (a means to pay bills and provide for your family), or is it your calling (the thing you were born to do, your purpose and your destiny)?

There is a HUGE difference in the two. Your career will cause you to move around and switch jobs several times over the years, but your calling will keep you grounded, no matter how hard it gets.

Your calling is the last thing on your mind before going to bed and the first thing on your mind when you wake up. It’s the idea that you can’t get out of your head; it is the idea that drives you to pursue at whatever cost. Your calling will also become more important than a price tag, it’s deeper than money.


Career: CEO in Corporate America
Calling: Small Business Owner

Career: Medical Doctor
Calling: Missionary to third world countries

Career: School Teacher
Calling: Bus Driver

Career: Mental Health Specialist
Calling: Writer/Author

Career: Car Salesman
Calling: Preacher

Career: Executive Secretary
Calling: Mother

Your calling is the thing that you were born to do, uniquely crafted by God to do, specifically put on this earth to do and strategically hard-wired to do. Your calling is usually effortless. It will have its challenges, which goes without saying, but it feels like second nature because the ability, the know-how, and the passion is weaved into the fabric of your soul.

So, are you fulfilling your career or your calling?


One thought on “Is it your career, or your calling?

  1. Loving this post…
    No, I am no longer motivated to get up and arrive at my career, but wise enough to know I must while pursuing my calling. Over the past three-weeks I’ve been so tired but the work I’m doing on my calling keeps me pressing for hours regardless of my tiredness.

    Thank you for allowing God to use your gift for His ministry.

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