Six Plus Figure Income IS Possible!

vbme0073 music notes free photosHave you ever watched a video, a movie, a TV program, heard a song or a sermon at church that transformed your life in about two hours or less? Literally. Have you ever encountered someone who blew your mind the first time you met them?

Every now and then I have what I call moments of awakening, or paradigm shift encounters. These are times in my life when I hear something or meet someone who without warning, blows my natural-born mind! I am left stunned, dazzled, and in a jaw-dropping stance until I can effectively process the information or the experience. I have had moments in my life that left me dazed for weeks at a time and when it was all said and done, my entire life had been altered. Some of these experiences have been bad but MOST of them have been AWESOME!

I had one such experience last night.

About two weeks ago I had signed up for an online ‘live’ webcast, not familiar with the instructor at all. I had never heard of her before but her content sounded interesting and like something that I could benefit from being a self-employed African-American female. The ‘live’ webcast was last night and needless to say, I’m still shook up.

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The webcast talked about transforming your business into something that pulls the hinges off ‘impossibilities’! The instructor shared tips, tools and techniques that got me so hyped and excited about taking my online writing business to the next level, understanding that no one else will value my true worth, until I DO!

OMG I’m going crazy right now because I understand the power of believing in one’s self and many times, we are our own worst enemy. We hinder and keep our own selves from financial freedom and success by the way we think, process and execute. I also learned that the secret to our financial and business success is not external (who you know or your level of education alone) but it is internal (what you know and have learned through life experiences and your passion combined with a relentless pursuit).

If you want success bad enough, there is no force, seen or unseen that can stop you as long as you have God on your side, your passion, your purpose, your intense pursuit and a work ethic that demands excellence! Oh yea, and you must have a strategy and a system to effectively run and operate your business. You can’t just sit and wait for people to come to you and support you, you have to go get them! Make them notice you! Be the answer to their problem, have the solution for their situation!

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How much money are you making in your business today? How much do you want to make? Are you ready for the millions and trillions or are you just satisfied with hundreds and thousands?

I’m NOT! I am a child of God (first), a powerful black woman (second), a great wife (third), a wonderful mother (forth), a business owner (fifth), a world-changer (sixth), and a purpose-driven female (seventh) who serves the God of this universe that promised to give me the POWER and ABILITY to get/create/produce wealth (Deuteronomy 8:18)! I understand my worth and it’s about time the world (and my wallet) understands it too.

There is money, gold, silver, wealth and untapped treasures in this earth and it’s our time to receive it. So I’m taking this business God gave me to the next level, how about you?



2 thoughts on “Six Plus Figure Income IS Possible!

  1. This is Awesome…I’m so disappointed with myself for missing this webcast. So, appreciative of you post about the info. This is something I need to be more bolder & proactive in marketing my business and the organization/ministry God placed in my heart/hands. Awesome Post!

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