Reflections of My Soul (Destined)

Embracing your destiny is like embracing a distant relative you’ve been eagerly awaiting to meet. It’s your daddy’s, mother’s, father’s, cousin’s niece from down south about twenty-three miles east of the river that runs past old lady Martha’s place. smiley face

You’ve heard of this relative, you’ve even dreamed of meeting this relative one day. From what you’ve been told, this relative is filthy rich and has in their possession something of extreme value, just for you. The only catch is that on your twenty-first birthday at 12:01 am you have to be at the Mississippi bus terminal in the north-west section, approximately 20 feet in front of the information desk before you can meet this relative and obtain what it is they have for you. bus terminal

This thing in your relative’s possession has the power to radically change your life, forever! You will never have to work another day in your life and all you must do is meet the basic criteria and at the appointed time, receive your gift.

Is there anything or anyone that can keep you from following the specifics of this demand? What will stop you from being at the exact place at the exact time to meet your relative and receive your inheritance?

Well, your destiny of promise, hope, success, and over-whelming blessings are your inheritance (your gift) and the distant relative is God. He has in his possession a destiny (future) with your name and your name alone stamped all over it. It’s yours! No one else can have it! He wants desperately to give it to you, but you must FIRST meet his criteria.

The funny thing about destiny is, we all have one and I don’t know about you but I want to fulfill my God-given purpose. I want all that God has for me. I am destined for: Success NOT failure, good health NOT sickness, prosperity NOT poverty, and a peace of mind INSTEAD of fear and torment.

I’m embracing my ‘no-longer’ distant relative and walking in my destined inheritance. What about you?



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