Homeschooling, It’s a New Day!

HOMESCHOOLING JORDAN DINING ROOM Hello wordpress family, I’m back, for today, at least. I’ve been missing in action for several weeks and this is why. . .

I’m the proud new mother of a 7th grade homeschool student! Woo Hoo!

Well, in the beginning it started out, “Mom I love being home schooled, I wish we could have done this a long time ago.” But today it’s, “Aww, mom, this is too hard, I wanna go back to public school.”

Well, that’s not happening, LOL. I’ve come too far and had to fill out too much paperwork and jump through too many hoops to get here, so now we’re going to stick it out until the end! Besides, I’ve started to like this ‘learning with my child’ idea. Not only am I taking a very active part in his education as his primary instructor, but I know EXACTLY what he’s being taught, I’M THE TEACHER, YAY! The challenge may be great, but the rewards are greater!!!

So to every parent who has homeschooled their children, my hat goes off to you and for any parent who may be considering it, please research it fully and if it’s something your child will benefit from, please do it.

Now, I’m only a beginner, but I will have wonderful stories to tell you as my son and I both learn about integers (math), the Supreme Court (history), and how to say apples in French (des pommes – day pom)! What an exciting journey ahead.



To Educators, Teachers, Parents, etc.

Hey Family:

I don’t have much to say because this video will speak for itself. Enjoy. Oh yea, Happy Friday to all!


Happy Birthday Erica Jay!

erica in blue shirthappy birthday ericaTo my baby of 14 years, I celebrate your special day! Happy Birthday, Erica Jay!

You’re growing up, aren’t you?

It feels like just yesterday, when I held you in my arms, kissed your velvet cheeks and inhaled the fragrance of new life that seeped from your pores. The intoxicating aroma of innocence.

Happy Birthday, Erica Jay!

happy birthday erica two

You have become a beautiful child, with a tender heart and a gentle spirit. I love you more than life.

You’re smart, talented, gifted, loving, and most importantly, you’re my daughter.

erica optimist club

Happy Birthday, Erica Jay!


Six Brown Chicks and Dream B.I.G. Unite!

The University of Arkansas has invited Six Brown Chicks of Chicago to participate in Dream B.I.G., (Believing In Girls), an overnight camp for 50 at-risk teen girls. Dream B.I.G. started on Saturday, March 16th and will go through Wednesday, March 20th, 2013.…17479.30861.0.31866.…0.0…1ac.1.Eqd1JXyWBOk

Dream B.I.G. 2012 in Fayetteville consisted of 30 female student mentors facilitating an overnight camp March 18-22 at Mount Sequoyah for 42 7th-12th grade girls from Marvell High School of the Arkansas Delta.

Community leaders in the Marvell-Elaine school district have identified a strong need for positive role models to engage with the high population of teen girls living in conditions of poverty, physical, sexual and emotional abuse, neglect, high teenage pregnancy rates, high drop-out rates, and lack of motivation to pursue higher education.

Dream B.I.G. Fayetteville created a cultural shift for the Marvell-Elaine girls by exposing them to an area of the state that is geographically and economically diverse with an emphasis in the arts and higher education.

Well, this year (2013), the Six Brown Chicks, composed of authors, business owners, relationship counselors, journalists and philanthropists, are joining forces to participate in the Dream B.I.G. program to share their lives, experiences, testimonies and be positive role models. In a world full of violence, bullying, disappointments and failure, our teens desperately need positive voices and living examples of success.

Congratulations, ladies! Dream B.I.G.